Ch 00. The thought of being happy

While the whole world is in its pursuit of happiness, or as we like to believe it is. It seems really difficult to be happy and to retain this happiness if you do find it for a while. As if universe pushes us towards whatever keeps us less then happy and in consistent pursuit. The thought of being constantly happy appears far fetched.

How nice it would be if there is a formula that could define your happiness quotient and you could work on it to maintain reasonable happiness in your life always.

Here I am sharing a personal ongoing experiment, that I do in my own pursuit of happiness. And over a time I feel more in control of my happiness and personal well being.

We, Humans, are inherently selfish beings and our own achievements make us most happy and satisfied. However, there are many factors that impact our emotions and our ability to enjoy our joy. Therefore picking up the most important of factors and analysing the contribution and impact that each one is having on our happiness, we can determine the percentage of our happiness and certainly improve upon it.

While everyone has different priorities and degree by which a certain factor impact their life, the factors in itself remain more or less the same for all. Level of satisfaction that each factor can contribute should add up to a full 100%.

I shall introduce the factors, their understanding and basic calculations in the next post.

Stay tuned and stay happy !!!

CH 01

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