Ch 01. Fact-ors that influence our Happiness

As I already mentioned in my previous post, the factors that influence our happiness are more or less the same for everyone. They are the facts of our life, that we care the most about. I have categorised them into four broader groups, where each of them has a bunch of sub-factors. Keeping one set independent from others is the key to improve control. Let’s re-introduce these important facts of our life as Factors of our Happiness.

First and foremost is “SELF” as a person. The sub-factors here are mostly physical appearance and personal health. It makes up our self-esteem or simply how we feel about our self. While I would have liked to keep it to Health alone, but physical appearance also plays a reasonable role in how much we are happy with our self.

Second is our “SOCIAL” life. The sub-factors here are the job, workplace, social existence, financial independence, intelligence, knowledge ,and anything that constitute to how others feel about us. I could have added these to the “SELF” factor, but the level of influence is significant enough to be measured separately.

The third is what can we call as “HOME”. The sub-factors here are the house/room/apartment, the partner/spouse/companion and the relationship/marriage. Its our place where we try to find peace when we are tired of everything else in the world.

The fourth and most reliable factor is “FAMILY”. The sub-factors here are the parents, siblings, in-laws, friends, and children. This is the support system that help us survive worst of times and also help us celebrate the most of good times. And yes parents and even children are not part of “HOME” as they have their own lives.

I have left out all external factors like political stability of the country, environmental issues, terrorism, religion, corruption, etc which influence our life every day, yet they are mostly out of our control, apart from what we can contribute at a personal level by being a good human and good citizen.

To start with, we take a balanced equation keeping all four factors at an equal value of 25% influence. that is SELF + SOCIAL + HOME + FAMILY = 100% of HAPPINESS.

The equation above is very ideal and just gives an idea of putting something immeasurable into a calculative format. Next post I will try to take it more practically with examples. I will dive into details of each factor one by one in subsequent posts.

Stay Tuned and Happy Reading !!

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