Our social life ranges from the neighbourhood to relatives to the workplace to friends on the physical level and social media and chat groups on the virtual level. Our social existence is our identity by which we are known to everyone. We are under constant pressure to maintain a decent social reputation. In the process, we tend to find more stress than happiness.

As a fact, a large majority of people trying to rediscover their lost happiness, are the adult working class with a JOB of some nature. The job is one of the main components of the social factor. Blessed are those whose passion is their day-work, or so they say. Content are those who have adapted to love their job. And remaining are just dragging along in their unfulfilling careers. Either way, the job is the means of earning a livelihood and consumes the major part of our day.

Therefore job satisfaction contributes significantly towards of status of happiness. Job satisfaction on basic level comes from the interest in the activities we perform, the respect we earn from our colleagues and the money we make at the end of the month.

When we are passionate about our work, other factors tend to take a back seat. Even if the pay is moderate or we don’t get as much time off as others, it’s still a happy state to work on what we love. Even this can turn toxic when we are so much consumed in the work that we begin to ignore everything else in life. If our health or family suffers due to over-indulgence in the JOB front, the satisfaction is ruined sooner or later. A balance is always required to keep us and people other around us happy.

For those of us who are less than passionate for the JOB we do, there is always some level of stress that burns the happiness on a daily basis. Changing the job, or profile significantly is not easily a feasible option for most of us. Even with a decent paycheck, we find our self tangled in loops of financial commitments and lifestyle expenses.

What could be helpful, is to discover your interests within the boring platter of profiles that your current JOB offers. Find interesting and efficient ways to perform the same work. Reach the workplace on time and more importantly leave on time. Having the work-life balance is the key to improve satisfaction, with the quality of life. Use spare time to engage in something more fulfilling. I write in my spare time and it helps me express and feel happy.

In Indian culture work and duty is given importance on a religious level. We are expected to be “Karamveer” meaning completely dedicated and devoted towards commitment and duty. I used to wonder, what good is that, if we don’t even like the job at hand. Well, I see the point now, as it gives a sense of satisfaction when we have lived up to the expectations that our culture demands, even when we didn’t quite like our job, we did it in the best way. It’s kind of ‘sacrifice’ one makes for the ‘greater good’. We can feel good about it and of course, get paid in the process.

I believe, here if we stop hating the job and begin to appreciate it. For the fact that it beings food on our table, gets the rents and EMI paid, and make us useful to the world in some way. We can definitely be less stressed and happier.

Happy working and stay dutiful.

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