Help others to help yourself..🤝

If you ever doubt your self worth, try teaching a underprivileged child who can not afford a tuition to help him excel in studies. You would mean an angel to this kid.

Helping others can raise your self esteem very quickly, it’s like disprin to headache

It helps both selfless mind by giving a fulfilling experience and selfish mind by giving a sense of accomplishment.


Random thoughts..!!

Stay helpful, stay happy… !!

5 thoughts on “Help others to help yourself..🤝

  1. Well said…. 🙂
    Was reading about Arun jaitly ji …then ur post … 🙂 helping others is good thing…may be the best of things 🙂

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    1. Thanks, the thought infact came to me when I was visiting a boy’s home where underprivileged children are taken care of. These kids in there limited resources had so much brightness in them, that couple of hrs spent with them will keep my weeks lighted .. !!!


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