CH 14 Happiness and Sorrow

In the chapter 12, I had asked you to count your blessings, to reduce anxiety and frustration. Here I want to stress on facing your worst fear upfront, to reduce the Stress.

When you face something unexpected or unwanted and it starts to give you stress, try doing a simple exercise of 5 steps. I have tried several times and works for me.

1. Pause for a moment, imagine the worst outcome of the situation.

2. Remain in that space for a few minutes to feel the release of sadness of this outcome.

3. Extend your thought to the next step you would take to stabilize yourself.

4. Tell yourself you will live out of it anyway, and it’s ok to lose some.

5. Come back to the current situation. Now you are not afraid of the worst outcome.

Face the situation to get the best mitigation you can with your available resources. If you avoid the worst, be happy. If you couldn’t, take the step you imagined in step 3 and be at peace. At least for the duration, you will find yourself out of the sorrow of the loss and able to make your response with a stable mind.

And then of course Bounce Back …. !!!

“Because happiness is not about avoiding sorrow, it’s about facing it successfully. “

© sarikatripathi

Thanks for reading…!!

Face sorrow, stay happy.. !!

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