चीनी का परहेज…..!

चीनी सामान से यूँ ग्राहक को नेह हो गया,

देश की अर्थव्यवस्था को जैसे मधुमेह हो गया,

है लुभावना जैसे किसी मिठाई की तरह,

जिसका लालच छोड़ना है, लड़ाई की तरह,

पर रोग है तो इलाज भी करना ही होगा,

मीठा दिखे फिर भी इससे डरना ही होगा,

स्वदेशी कड़वा हो तो भी उपचार की तरह,

बढ़ाते रहें हम एक दृढ़ विचार की तरह,

जितना संभव चीनी का परहेज ही करें,

धीरे धीरे से फिर देसी परचेज भी करें,

मधुमेह की ही तरह पडोसी नहीं हटा सकते,

परहेज से पर उसका असर जरूर घटा सकते,

जिससे देश का अर्थ स्वास्थ्य अच्छा बन सके,

और सेनिको के घरों की भी दिवाली मन सके,


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मध्यवर्ग का क्या??

दिल में दर्द हजारों छुपे हुए पर चुप रहता है,

अन्याय समाज और समय के हर दिन सहता है,

उच्च वर्ग की इच्छाओं को श्रम से पूरा करता है,

आवस्यकता पड़े तो गरीब का पेट भी भरता है,

देश की उन्नति की खातिर जो कर अदा करता है,

विपदा कोई आये तो भी सहयोग सदा करता है,

श्रमिक वर्ग की तकलीफों पर राजनीति बहती है,

मध्यवर्ग की विपदाओं पर कोई दृष्टि नहीं रहती है,

उच्चवर्ग के नुकसानों के अनुमान लगाये जाते हैं,

श्रमिकों के उत्थान हेतु भी कानून बनाये जाते हैं,

पर जब किसी आपदा में मध्यवर्ग की नौकरी जाती है,

तो उन उमीदों से निकल क्यों कोई मदद नहीं आती है?

अपने बोझ उठाए खुद पर आप घिसा करता है,

उसका क्या जो दो पाटों के बीच पिसा करता है?


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Keep strong who ever is facing harsh time..!!

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मध्यवर्ग का क्या? कविता पाठ

जाने किस रास्ते जा रहे हैँ… 👣

आँखों में नींद को भरे, जागते जा रहे हैं,

जिंदगी जीने की आस लिए, भागते जा रहे हैं,

आस नहीं कुछ ख़ास और निराश भी नहीं हैं,

मंजिलों की तालश में जाने किस रास्ते जा रहे हैं,



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Some of us appear to be always unhappy. Even when they achieve something significant, they are still unhappy about something else. It is more habitual unhappiness then real. They use the tool of victimhood to keep themselves always unhappy and at the centre of everyone’s pity. They believe and act as if the whole world is against them, fate is against them, God is against them and that everyone else is much more fortunate then they are. While at the start, such behaviour tends to attract sympathy from the near ones and even strangers. However, over time it can cause people to wear out and start avoiding the whining person, who constantly fail to sympathise with anyone else.

I do not believe that such behaviour is on purpose and that someone wants to remain constantly unhappy. This is more to do with a lack of self-confidence and self-appreciation. Their natural instinct is to demean their own achievements mostly by comparing to someone doing better, without any intention to doing better themselves.

“It is important to assess our own behaviour if we find people distancing from us.

There is another breed of people who tend to use victimhood as a means to manipulate people and extract gains that they never deserve. They extract sympathy out of their fabricated misfortune and dupe unwilling good souls in providing undue favours. These people are borderline criminals against happiness in any healthy society. Much like a rotten vegetable in a bag of healthy vegetables, which if not isolated in time make all others rot along. Again such behaviour doesn’t last long but leaves a trail of unhappy people who come to realise that they were cheated, and probably decided to never help another soul.

“What hurts more than any misfortune, is when someone cheated you and you couldn’t realise it on time.”

In my life, I have come across both these breeds, and I found two things that are common in both. One they are unhappy and second that they extract your happiness and leave you unpleasant. While one does it, unknowingly and second do it purposely.

If after reading this you find yourself as one of this category, please re-evaluate your thoughts and decide better for your happiness and of those around you. If you find yourself in the company of the first kind, try to rationalize with them, and if you must, help in measures you won’t have to regret. If you find yourself in the company of the second kind, well just leave immediately.



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Stay happy, stay conscious.. !!

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Before getting into counting the pain and problems I will start with a tip, “Count your Blessings“. It is a rather simple thing you can do to cheer yourself up within seconds. If you have a roof over your head, food on the table, electricity and water running, a place to sleep, you are much better then many lakhs of people on the earth. Further, if your health is reasonably fine and you also have family and friends to talk to, you have the luxury of life. Then if you have a job to trade your time and skills for some money you are even more privileged. Finally, if you have all this at the same place, you should not even complain. But like me, if you don’t have everything I listed above but just a few of them, be hopeful and thankful for what you have.

“When you feel sad, bad or angry just Count your Blessings, to calm down and rationalise your response, not necessarily to forget the cause”

Being alone and being lonely is never the same thing. Many people like to be alone most of the time and enjoy it, many others live alone and yet remain connected to their friends, family and colleagues over virtual means. While many people enjoy an elaborate social life, many others remain lonely even in most dense social setups. It all depends on the balance of what you want and what you get, that decides how you feel about your situation.

“It all depends on the balance of what you want and what you get, that decides how you feel”

The recent times have indiscriminately isolated huge fractions of world population from each other. However, each one of us experiences this isolation very differently. Some of us feel the divide between countries for our travel plans are ruined or someone from the family is abroad. Some of us feel the lack of domestic travel affecting us for similar reasons. But most of us are unaffected by the travel restrictions and miss going out to our offices, markets or gyms & parks. All of us liked our homes but the anxiety that results from restrictions and uncertainty is affecting everyone, maybe on different levels.

Loneliness and depression are creeping in while the world is bracing for the pandemic to pass. The economic meltdown is predicted soon after the economies will try to function after the lockdowns. Job insecurity is adding to the stress of the already frustrated working from the home workforce. All the factors that are mostly out of our hand as an individual.

All this brings us to the importance of maintaining our happiness and sanity more than ever. Every loss brings the possibility of a new beginning, but only those who remain capable of harnessing the opportunity will gain. The idea is to stay positive with focusing is on whatever is going good or at least not gone bad while it could have. Learning something new or something that we have kept on hold for later, can be the most rewarding outcome from the current situation.

Maintaining health is another challenge while restricted with lack of space, equipment and motivation. Well, same old Yoga is at our rescue as it doesn’t need much space or equipment and pandemic itself is the motivation to improve immunity.

We need to believe that no one is alone in this. Whatever will happen, it will happen to all and that everybody will come out together form it. With all the learnings from nature’s punishment hopefully, we will build a better world.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> until then >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

stay in, stay safe and stay sane ….!!!


Ch 11

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वायरस का भय #COVID-19

जीवन अस्थिर, है असमंजस हर ओर,

वायरस का भय और गणनाओं का शोर,

करोना का होना, ना होना, बड़ा सवाल है,

होने की शंका होना उससे भी बड़ा बबाल है,

कुछ घर में बंधक, कुछ अनजान जगहों में,

भयभीत स्वप्न और शंकाएँ निगाहों में,

घर के काम और घर से काम की कोशिश जारी,

क्या कुछ सीखाके जाएगी ये महामारी,

आपनो के साथ कहीं सब मिल समय गुजारते हैं,

विदेशी धरती पर फसे कहीं अपने देश को पुकारते हैं,

सरकारें नित नये प्रतिबन्ध जारी करती जाती हैं,

नागरिकों से भी जिम्मेदारी की उम्मीद लगाती हैं,

उपचार से बेहतर बचाव, आज का सूत्र है यही ,

स्वास्थ्य के आगे समय या धन का भी कुछ मोल नहीं,


More strength to all home and abroad.

Everyone take care of yourself

Hope all will be fine soon enough

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ये कैसे हिन्दोस्तानी

ये कैसे हिन्दोस्तानी हैं, जो हिन्दोस्तान को जाला रहे,

न सुनते कुछ न ही समझते हैं , वस यूँही चिल्ला रहे,

पत्थर को हाथो में लेकर, शांतिपूर्ण विरोध में आते हैं ,

इनका धेय कुछ और ही है, धेयहीन को भड़काते हैं,

चाहिए इनको रक्षा भी, और रक्षक पर पत्थर फेंक रहे,

इनके पीछे से घड़ियाल कई , अपनी रोटियां सेंक रहे,

अज्ञान में भरकर असंतोष, विरोध में हिंसा लाते हैं,

उनका न देश न धर्म कोई, जो हिंसा को सुलगाते हैं,

रक्त गिरा देश का, देश की ही सम्पति की हानि है ,

हिंसक विरोध करने वाले, ये कैसे हिन्दोस्तानी हैं?


From the heart of an affected Indian.


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CH 10 Happiness Around Painful Relationship

Some relations we get by birth and more we choose from what we get on the way in life. Relationships are supposed to add flavour to life, a sense of support and belongingness comes along. It can be friendship, love or simple acquaintances, all play their roles, that can make or ruin the day. The intensity of pain or happiness is dependent on the attachment with the related person.

‘Bad choice of relationship in life is like the extra salt in an otherwise perfect dish. It can ruin the taste so bad, we feel, it was better when there was no salt at all.’

All relationships need efforts from both sides to sustain. We need to identify first if a relationship is worth fighting for or its for best to let go and move on. Doing so may be more complex then it may sound. But the painful relations, also popularly known as “toxic relations”, are usually un-repairable as they involve some kind of exploitation of one person by the other. It may be financial, political, social, or emotional exploitation where one person gains out of another person’s pain. Such relations are like infections, which can be fatal if not treated and removed.

It is not only the relationship in itself but also the social implications that come with it, that makes it complicated to resolve the issues. Even if breaking such relation may cause discomfort, one needs to focus on long term happiness benefits.

A simple trick I use to test the worth of any relationship is to imagine the loss that other person will feel if I am not around. ‘If he/she doesn’t care if you die(leave), he/she is not worth not dying for’. Turns out, it’s more simple then we thought.

‘when someone doesn’t care if you die, he/she is not worth not dying for’

While the relationships are meant to be mutual and that needs you to contribute your share with honesty and dedication. Its crucial not to loose sight of your happiness over the responsibility of sustaining the relationship. If you continuously find yourself unhappy then some change is required in any relationship. Change may not be drastic or negative always, but just something new or different to freshen up the relations and create scope for mutual happiness.

Blood relations and family ties are something that can not be changed or replaced. When such relations are painful they are in fact too painful. There is only a option to distance from this pain to be able to focus on one’s own happiness. If someone or even everyone call you selfish for that, be selfish … !!

Most important step in the journey towards sustainable happiness is to forgive and not forget who have hurt you.

Stay happy, stay selfish.. !!

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CH 9

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पृथक पथ..👣

जो भेड़चाल में चल गए, वो काफी आगे निकल गए,

जो पृथक पथ थे गढ़ रहे, वो धीरे धीरे बढ़ रहे,

न धन है ना धन्यवाद ही है, अलग राह के अलग स्वाद ही हैं ,

मंजिल मिली तो आकाशीय होगी, अन्यथा सिर्फ हसीं होगी,


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