I am still me .. !!🎭

With all the changes those needed to be, from within I am still me…

The job, the paychecks and the bills, the vicious cycle, that each month kills…

The love, the marriage and the house, life make me run like cat and mouse…

The God, the prayer and the peace, make me wonder when will I reach…

I loved to read, I loved to write, I still do, just not as much I might…

With all the Chaos, with all the pain, I still wait for the monsoon rain…

The dust may clear, the air may clean, a healthy life like I always dream…

The morning tea, the midnight supper, without a guilt of weight or sugar…

The hard I try, harder it gets, I pursue nonetheless without regrets….

I am still me, while the changes remain, making me who I am and who I can….


Thanks for reading..

Stay healthy stay happy..!!

काश मैं कविता होती.. 📖🎼

काश मैं कविता होती,
सबके मन में रहती, सबके मन का कहती !

काश मैं ज्योति होती,
सबको मार्ग दिखाती, चाहे खुद जलती जाती !

काश मैं आशा होती,
सबके मन में जाती, सबको हिम्मत दिलाती !

काश मैं भाषा होती,
मधुर वचन बन जाती, सबके मन को भाती !

काश मैं हवा होती,
बादल के संग बहती, किसी बंधन में ना रहती !

काश …

💤 है तो बस आलस ही ..💤

ना चाहत है, ना ही जरुरत है, एक जैसे बने रहने की, ये तो बस आलस है जो की कुछ बदलने नहीं देता,

राह मुश्किल भी नहीं है और दूर जाना भी है, ये तो बस आलस है जो की चलने नहीं देता,

मंजिल कोई पसंद करें तो पूछता हमसे, जरूरत क्या है? ये तो बस आलस है जो की मचलने नहीं देता,

शिकायत करते भगवान से अगर मंदिर तक जाते कभी, ये तो बस आलस है जो की भगवान से भी मिलने नहीं देता,

नाम इसको उम्र का दो या किस्मत ही कह लो, है तो बस आलस ही जो की सम्भलने नहीं देता !!


Thanks for reading.

Stay happy, stay active !!

CH 7 Family: The Ultimate Support Group

Family accepts you no matter what is your situation. We might be soaring high on our career and life, or be beaten down by recession or physical injury. Family is always there to cheer or support. Whoever can’t do that for us, are actually just relatives or acquaintances, not family.

Family in most cases includes parents, siblings, spouse, children if there are any, close friends and pets. However it depends person to person who all come under this ultimate support group.

It is said that you will know your true friends in your worst times, well same is true for the family. Not always we find the support or happiness that we are looking for in the immediate biological relations. There are other emotions like fear of added liability, where children abandon their parents, risk to social reputation where parents hurt their children or simple jealousy where siblings don’t get along. We can’t change other people perspective, what we can do is to understand it, and set our expectations accordingly.

There are people we lovingly term as ‘family beyond blood’, friends that compliment or sometimes even substitute for family. They may be school friends, neighbourhood friends, College friends, office friends or acquaintances turned friends. There are generally common interests or common problems that create and strengthen the bonding, based on understanding and support. Our lives grow parallel, which gives a lot to relate with each other.

Last but not least are pets if you have any. They are the unconditional source of love and affection. No matter what you are going through in life and who have left you, pets will love you all the same. They do add a liability of as much of child, being dependent for food and comfort. But they return 10 times towards our general happiness and wellbeing.

Lastly, I want to add is like any other relation, the family also needs to be valued and nurtured. Although the family will forgive easily and will never hurt you. Yet it’s not wise to hurt or hate them if they fall short of expectations. It’s also our responsibility to love them unconditionally as we expect to be loved by them.

While Home is the base of happiness tower, Family is the iron and cement that holds it together. Will discuss managing the factors of happiness to help maintain a degree of happiness in upcoming posts.

Thanks for reading. Please share your views in comments.

Stay happy, stay tuned !!

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आधा सा प्यार 💞

तुम याद हमें कर लेते हो, पर जान नहीं हम पाते हैं, है प्यार तुम्हारा आधा सा, पर मान नहीं हम पाते हैं,

तुम चाताह को उकसाते हो, फिर दूर दूर हो जाते हो, हो प्यार तुम्हारा कितना भी, पर दिखा नहीं तुम पाते हो,

बिन कहे समझ लें हर बात तुम्हारी, ये हो जाये तो अच्छा है, फिर भी सुनने का स्वाद है जो, उसका सुख भी तो सच्चा है,

हैं याद मुझे वो जगड़े सब, जब बात नहीं हम करते हैं , मन में रहती थी चाह छुपी, कुछ कहने सुनने को मरते हैं,

प्यार हो और एक सोच भी हो यह नहीं सदा जरूरी है , अलग मत में एक सामंजस्य बने, बस इतनी मंजूरी है ,

आधा नहीं पूरा प्यार है ये, जो एहसासो में आता है, कहे बिना ही दिल से मिलता है और मन को मेरे भाता है,


Thanks for reading !


The people we live with, together with the dwelling place makes the home. The definition evolves over the course of life. For me, it’s my small rented apartment, my husband and our fishes. It was my hostel rooms and roommates from my graduation until I got married. And it was my parent’s place, my parents and big brother before graduation.

A happy home is the ultimate bliss, that not all of us value enough when we have it. It is the base of the tower of happiness we are trying to build and hold. The good part is easily taken for granted. We would hardly thank our parents for being loving, caring and taking all the efforts to make our lives easy. A good roommate is valued in hostel life only after we get an irritating fellow to live with. An understanding partner is expected to understand even more. It is very important that we value and respect the people in our home and make efforts to contribute similarly to their happiness.

For those whose home is a happy place, they don’t need to visit a temple to find peace from the chaos of the world. Homes which lack in peace and where the people fight with each other, the happiness of each inhabitant is compromised even when they are directly not part or cause of the distress. Under such condition this base of happiness tower becomes weak, and we struggle to find balance in life.

The importance of dwelling place is no less. A clean and tidy place, with good ventilation, bright lighting and open space can add a lot to the peace and happiness of its inhabitants. Compared to a clumsy, unkempt or dark and damp place with an unpleasant aroma. While best of electronics appliances or cosiest of bed and sofa or expensive decorations can add to the look and comfort of the house. Its the efforts taken to maintain neatness, supplies, a healthy and positive environment by everyone that live at the place makes it the home. An easy tip to add positive energy is to have as many house plants as practically possible. They do increase a to-do item in daily routine, but at the same time also add more oxygen and natural beauty to the home. Slightly difficult one is to add pets to the family, they are unconditional source of love and perfect stress-busters.

It takes hard work to maintain a pleasant home, but it’s worth every effort.

Thanks for reading. Please share your views.

Make happy and stay happy !!!

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