CH 11 Health for Happiness

Weak health impairs the ability to live fully and enjoy anything. It also takes away the flavours of the world, including taste from the food, adventure from travel and other pleasures. When we are not feeling healthy, any achievement at work or personal life, how so big, it seems less relevant, compared to when we are happy and healthy.

Therefore health is always more important than the wealth of any other kind.

Our health becomes vulnerable naturally as we grow older, but it becomes weak only by our neglect. We try to blame our genes and in turn our parents for most of the weaknesses in our body. However, the biggest weakness is actually laziness that no one inherits. Bad health is not only about the elevated sugar and BP levels, but it’s also the anxiety and sadness. Lately, mental health has been recognised as important as physical health.

The biggest weakness is actually laziness that no one inherits.

In the world of hustle and stress maintaining either physical and mental health is a challenge. It is in-fact a thriving business line in which professional (read as commercial) solution providers are now making huge profits at the expense of our laziness. We don’t tend to exercise unless we have huge guilt of paying enough money for it, while the same results could be achieved by self-motivation with much less money.

Out of my personal experience in the last few months, where I had been diagnosed with something I had to get surgically removed. I had to get hospitalized, undergo surgery and a lot of mental trauma before it. Even the recovery period have been both mentally and physically challenging. While I don’t want to get into medical details of it, I want to emphasise that how I willingly transformed my eating habits with self-restraint and put those extra efforts in preparing the ‘healthy’ snacks when it became medically required by the sign of a doctor. Although I had always known the benefits of the same food and eating habits but never seriously put them in my routine.

I also want to add that although the ‘healthy’ food items are on the costly side of the grocery budget, I have saved more by avoiding outside food. I am waiting to gain enough strength to be able to exercise more regularly to avoid any such situation in future, and I hope to remain motivated this time.

Same as time, health is a commodity we can’t measure, yet we are spending it every day, not always for fruitful purposes. But unlike time with little efforts, we can preserve and also reserve the health to enjoy life in a much more fulfilling way. Most important to recognise that health can be lost in irreparable ways, so preserving health is not something we can postpone until a medical situation arises.

Preserving health is not something we can postpone until a medical situation arises.

Needless to say, a healthy person is much happier in the same situations than an unhealthy person. So for happiness to remain in our lives we need to heed to our health.

Stay Healthy and Stay Happy… !!
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प्रभात चाल.. (morning walk)

सेहत ने साथ देने की सर्त रख दी,
डाइट के ऊपर कसरत की पर्त रख दी,
शुरुआत के लिए प्रभात चाल को आजमाया
और जूतों पर पार्क की गर्त रख दी,

चलने से अधिक जागने का पराक्रम,
और दिनचर्या में सजाने का उपक्रम,
शुरुआत कर लेने से ज्यादा मुश्किल,
बनाये रखना रोज का यह क्रम,

सुन्दर नज़ारे, सुहावन मौसम,
प्रभात के कई रूप अनुपम,
सूरज की पहली किरणों की गर्माहट,
आती पेड़ो से छन छन,

एक घंटे का निवेश सुबह में,
सारे दिन को करे ऊर्जित,
खुशी रहे मन में बस यूँही,
जैसे कुछ कर लिया हो अर्जित,

पर आलस भी हार नहीं माने,
रोज ही लाता नये बहाने,
ठंड कभी तो नींद कभी,
कभी बस यूँही मन भरमाने,

पर सेहत की भी जिद है,
बिना परिश्रम हाथ न देगी,
प्रभात चाल की यह प्रक्रिया,
बंद करी तो साथ न देगी.

Happy Walking

Stay healthy, stay happy.. !!

चिंता से मेरी लड़ाई है … #stress

हैं कष्ट सभी के जीवन में,

पर सच से बहुत बड़ी है चिंता,

संभल को दो शब्द भी मुश्किल,

सौ किस्से लिए खड़ी है चिंता,

हो गृह जीवन या कर्मक्षेत्र ,

हर ओर ही चिंता छाई है,

अपने खुश जीवन की खातिर,

अब चिंता से मेरी लड़ाई है,

मन है, मेरा मनोबल है ,

जीवन की इच्छा सारी है,

कमजोर कर रही भीतर से,

ये चिंता सब पर भारी है,

है बुद्धि और ज्ञान भी है,

ये मेरे तीर कमान भी हैं ,

पर बंधक है भाबुक मन,

और चिंता से संग्राम भी है,

मेरे विरुद्ध चलती है रण में,

है सोच मेरी चिंता के दल में,

थका रही मस्तिष्क को मेरे,

डुबा डुबा चिंता के जल में,

ग्रहयुद्ध सा चलता है अंदर,

मन नहीं मस्तिष्क के वस में,

सही गलत का भेद हो रहा,

धुंधला अब इस असमंजस में,

ले बचा कोई मुझको मुझसे,

दे दिखा मार्ग सुख शांति का,

साधन हो योग शास्त्र जैसा,

करे नष्ट अंधेरा भ्रान्ति का,

हो उपाय समस्या के अनुसार ही,

अनावश्यक चिंतन कम करना है,

सरल जीवन में सुख लाने को,

चिंता का दमन करना है,


More strength to all the stressed.. 🤝

De-stress and stay healthy… !!!

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रोजाना (cont. )


वही चाहना वही बहाना, रोजाना,
वही रुलाना वही मनाना रोजाना,
थक कर सब छोड़ अकेले चल देना,
फिर लौट के प्यार सजाना रोजाना,

वही दर्द और वही दवाई रोजाना,
वही उद्यम और वही थकाइ रोजाना,
श्रम भर बेतन पाने की खातिर,
सेहत की फिर वही रुसवाई रोजाना,



रोजाना (1st set)

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Stay in love, stay healthy .. !!

CH 10 Happiness Around Painful Relationship

Some relations we get by birth and more we choose from what we get on the way in life. Relationships are supposed to add flavour to life, a sense of support and belongingness comes along. It can be friendship, love or simple acquaintances, all play their roles, that can make or ruin the day. The intensity of pain or happiness is dependent on the attachment with the related person.

‘Bad choice of relationship in life is like the extra salt in an otherwise perfect dish. It can ruin the taste so bad, we feel, it was better when there was no salt at all.’

All relationships need efforts from both sides to sustain. We need to identify first if a relationship is worth fighting for or its for best to let go and move on. Doing so may be more complex then it may sound. But the painful relations, also popularly known as “toxic relations”, are usually un-repairable as they involve some kind of exploitation of one person by the other. It may be financial, political, social, or emotional exploitation where one person gains out of another person’s pain. Such relations are like infections, which can be fatal if not treated and removed.

It is not only the relationship in itself but also the social implications that come with it, that makes it complicated to resolve the issues. Even if breaking such relation may cause discomfort, one needs to focus on long term happiness benefits.

A simple trick I use to test the worth of any relationship is to imagine the loss that other person will feel if I am not around. ‘If he/she doesn’t care if you die(leave), he/she is not worth not dying for’. Turns out, it’s more simple then we thought.

‘when someone doesn’t care if you die, he/she is not worth not dying for’

While the relationships are meant to be mutual and that needs you to contribute your share with honesty and dedication. Its crucial not to loose sight of your happiness over the responsibility of sustaining the relationship. If you continuously find yourself unhappy then some change is required in any relationship. Change may not be drastic or negative always, but just something new or different to freshen up the relations and create scope for mutual happiness.

Blood relations and family ties are something that can not be changed or replaced. When such relations are painful they are in fact too painful. There is only a option to distance from this pain to be able to focus on one’s own happiness. If someone or even everyone call you selfish for that, be selfish … !!

Most important step in the journey towards sustainable happiness is to forgive and not forget who have hurt you.

Stay happy, stay selfish.. !!

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दिल से दिल तक … 💞

दिल में चुबता सा एक ख्याल है , जो जाता नहीं,

कितना भी समझाऊं मैं ये दिल मुस्कुराता नहीं,

तुमको चाहता भी है और नाराज भी तुमसे रहता है,

जानना चाहता है ये, की दिल तुम्हारा क्या कहता है,

दूरियों की मजबूरी है या नजदीकियों से डरते हो,

क्या बात है? की जो इस राह से तुम कम गुजरते हो,

आते कभी फुर्सत से तो दिल की दिल से बात हो जाती,

नाराजगी भी इसकी शायद कुछ दूर लगे हाथ हो जाती,

पर तुम ख़ामोशी को ही हथियार की तरह चलाते हो,

कहते कुछ नहीं बस इस दिल को और थोड़ा जलाते हो,

इससे तो एक बार में ही ये किस्सा तमाम कर देते,

मोह्हबत है इससे कहकर इस दिल का काम कर देते,